Friday, September 18, 2009


There's a time in the afternoon, about 3 or 4 p.m. when a cross appears in our bathroom window. It like one of those 70's looking images...shining through tall redwoods. I am not saying it's Divine, but it is a little eerie if you're a little (LOT) bit superstitious like I am. A few days ago, swear I felt the light of that cross warm my neck. As it was I was really praying for strength. It was a low day. Zero strength. Mass exodus of hair. And itchy and painful.
Strength really came just when I needed it and with good news. My cancer will in fact be cured and has a zero (!!!!) chance off recurrence according to genetic tests.
Ian keeps asking me when my hair is growing back. Daily. Loudly. Instead of cringing, I just tell him the truth: when you're four. He still wants me to put my hair back on (I bought a wig). I don't blame him. I want my hair back, too! I don't think bald is funky and don't really feel like 'rocking it'. But the question doesn't sting anymore because it's true, it will grow back in time for his fourth birthday. Maybe even for our 10th wedding anniversary.

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